Training Certification Requirements

See hiring process to secure employment with Panorama.

To work as an entry level Wildfire Firefighter you must have the following certifications:

  1. S-100 (Basic Fire Suppression & Safety)
  2. S-185 (Fire Entrapment Avoidance)
  3. WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) or Hazardous Materials Operations Level (for NFPA training)
  4. ICS 100 (Incident Command Systems)
 S100/S185/WHMIS training 2020:  TBA

 To work as a Structure Protection Firefighter (interface) you must have the above certifications as well as the  following:

  1. NFPA 1001 Firefighter 1
  2. NFPA 1001 Firefighter 2 * Crew Boss only
  3. S115 (Structure & Site Preparation) 
  4. ICS 200 * Crew Boss only.

The following certifications will increase your chances of receiving a call-out. Although Panorama does not provide the training for all the courses below we will assist you in locating these courses. See link page for websites. 

  1. S-115 (structure & site preparation)
  2. Dangerous Tree Assessor (DTA), Wildland Fire Module
  3. First Aid
; OFA Level 1 with transportation endorsement or OFA Level 3
  4. Power Saw Operator (PSO)
  5. GPS training
  6. Class 4 license (restricted or unrestricted accompanied with a driver's abstract) or Resource Road Driving Training. 

To work as a Medic (First Aid Division) you must have the following certifications:  
  1. OFA Level 3 minimum or EMR, PCP, EMT
  2. Class 5 Driver License & copy of ICBC Abstract
  3. S-100 (Basic Fire Suppression & Safety)
  4. S-185 (Fire Entrapment Avoidance)
  5. ICS 100
  6. WHMIS
  7. GPS knowledge
  8. Radio Communication S-212 or equivalent


To work as a Faller you must have the following certifications: 

  1. BCFSC or Enform Level 3 Faller certification & logbook
  2. S100 & S185
  3. DTA - Wildland Fire Module (this certification is not required but it is preferred)
  4. Class 5 Driver License & copy of ICBC Abstract
  5. OFA Level 1 with Transportation Endorsement or Standard First Aid
  6. ICS 100
  7. WHMIS
  8. GPS knowledge
  9. Radio Communication S-212 or equivalent