Fire Fighting Division



Panorama Crew Services has been providing experienced Wildland Fire Crews since 2003. These fire crews can be divided into two categories:

Type 3 (T3) Wildland Fire Fighters are supplied on an, “if and when needed” basis for low to moderate complexity incidents such as expanded attack, mop-up, and patrol.

Type 2 (T2) Wildland Fire Fighters are guaranteed work crews (min. 80 days/fire season). These crews meet national standards and can be exported to other jurisdictions in Canada. They have a higher level of experience, certifications, and fitness. The T2 crews are used to support higher priority targets and/or more complex operations requiring the higher skill set.

Panorama’s Type 2 and Type 3 crews have the unique distinction of being trained for Structure Protection incidents and can be deployed during urban interface fires.